Free green paper: Cyber Security 101 – A guide for schools

As recent attacks on schools and school districts in the US show, schools are not immune to cyber attacks and a successful attack can be disruptive and expensive to fix. It can also compromise access to confidential or sensitive information, and even cause school closures.

Cyber security is not about technology alone and does not need to be expensive. As long as you take a strategic approach, you will find cyber security accessible, affordable and manageable.

Our green paper for schools outlines common cyber security myths and shares cost-effective recommendations to improve your cyber security stance.

Download our free Cyber Security 101 – A guide for schools green paper to understand:

The six cyber security myths

Myth 1: My organisation does not have anything worth stealing

Myth 2: Security is not affordable

Myth 3: Cyber security is about technology alone

Myth 4: Cyber security is for IT to manage

Myth 5: Cyber threats are external only

Myth 6: Only PCs and laptops can be affected by viruses and malware

There are therefore six important points to remember:

  1. Any organisation is a target.
  2. Taking a strategic, risk-based approach can make security significantly more affordable.
  3. Humans are fallible.
  4. Security is a matter for everyone – including governors.
  5. External threats are real – but so is the internal threat.
  6. Mobile devices are significant vulnerabilities, too – not just your computers.

We explain basic measures you should take, including performing risk assessments, conducting staff training and awareness, implementing policies and procedures, and putting in place basic technical measures.

Cyber Security as a Service from IT Governance

Many schools lack the necessary security skills and resources to manage their cyber security effectively. IT Governance’s Cyber Security as a Service solution is an outsourced model of cyber security risk management that gives you peace of mind that your organisation is secure against common cyber threats, while saving you time and money.

The service includes unlimited access to the Cyber Security Advice line, vulnerability scans, staff training, policy and procedure templates, guidance and expert support – all in one simple and affordable monthly subscription service.

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Cyber security 101 - a guide for schools green paper