Improve your school’s cyber security with our free posters

Phishing and many other cyber attacks exploit common weaknesses in organisations that do not require advanced cyber skills, and are free or low-cost to mitigate. Unfortunately, schools are particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks. Busy staff and often low technical understanding make schools an attractive target to cyber crime.

In our free posters, we identify six of these:

  • Account management and security
    Keep accounts up to date and remove those that are no longer needed as soon as people leave the school.
  • Keep software and apps up to date
    Keeping software and apps up to date ‘patches’ weaknesses and updates should be installed as soon as they are available.
  • Password management
    Even though strong passwords have been security basics for years, easy-to-crack and reused passwords remain critical vulnerabilities.
  • Allocate system privileges appropriately
    Give colleagues appropriate levels of access for their role and be extra careful if you have privileged access, as these accounts are targeted by cyber criminals.
  • Beware of phishing emails
    With 69% of schools reporting to have been hit by a phishing attack, training staff in how to spot them is critical.
  • Stay alert
    Train staff how to use the BCC field in email and to report anything suspicious.

Download the posters here