Frequently asked questions

Is there a setup fee or any other costs?

No. There are no costs other than the annual licence mentioned above. Support, hosting and setup are all included.

Is there a cost to connect to our school’s MIS (management information system)?

No, there’s no additional cost for this.

How often is the data updated from the MIS?

The data is updated daily from your MIS, but you can adjust the frequency. Only changes in the information are updated, such as if a new teacher joins the school.

Why do you need to connect to our MIS?

Connecting to the MIS is optional and you can choose to manually manage staff accounts.

Can be used by a MAT (multi-academy trust)?

Yes. There is a MAT dashboard, along with additional functionality such as reporting across the trust and to the MAT’s data protection officer, available at no extra cost.

Is there a limit on the number of staff accounts we can have?

No. is the only platform that has a fixed price. This means you can add temporary staff to the platform to take the training.

Are we tied into a contract with

You are signed up to an annual licence and we will send you a reminder when the renewal is coming up.

Who can access support for the platform?

The platform is very easy to use but unlimited support is provided to all staff in all schools. Support is accessed via live chat on the website and platform as well as via email:

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